Party on the yacht.

(LOL Yep, even my little fishing boat is considered a yacht. Go figure.)

RSVP  (so we’ll have enough eats and sodas.)

Read “formal dress” as

“Got one of those “Hawaiian Flowerdy type” shirts and some flip flops?”

I hear the first social is “formal dress”.

We have high standards.



My boat might be small but it holds a whole lot of love…



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6 responses to “FYI

  1. LOL @ the second “Possibly related posts:” suggestion.

    “I have a dress!”

    Love the title. Going to go read what the post says.


  2. Well I’m back.

    Loved the post as it sounded very much like my experience finding “The Dress”. I was so relieved to find what I was looking for on the first go round. For some reason I still have that dress but alas not sure why. I had a son who’s already saying that he’s not getting married for a very looooooongg time. I’m not ever thinking of grandbabies.

    That’s why I have my sailboat.

    I hope that the writer of the WP blog, Acrylic and Lace will come for a visit.

    If she’s reading this? Welcome.

  3. Loved the video! Now where is this party you speak of? I’m an excellent crasher. 🙂

  4. LOL. Hey.

    Have just been to your blog. Hugs from one dog lover to another.

  5. Just read blog again. Do you think that Nigel might like to go fishing?

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