Dear 12dogs,

Got this comment/query from Talooolah. Since it’s been a while since I’ve written on WordPress, I thought I’d answer the question here instead of in comments.

Talooolah asks

“author ann,
who are ye?
I am a talooolah we speak the same language it seems but perhaps you have more soul.
hollah at a playah

My reply:

Hi ya.

I’m a logger.

LOL no wait – that’s Ray Steven’s The Haircut song..

The truth is?

I’m a blogger.

A writer.

I used to write a blog over on another bloghost before it closed. Now I write here. Sometimes.

If you are the Taloolah that I wrote about you’d be a metaphor. Now it’s true that a metaphor can do amazing human-looking things, but those actions only look like the activities of a real person. In reality it’s a made up world by some writer. Not the actions of a real person. I don’t think that’s what you mean. I’m thinking that you’re talking about a tangible Taloolah. A real person. In that case, well I’d be mighty surprised if you were the person who I was referring too.

The only case that I know of where a metaphor comes to life is in a story is in the mythological story, Pygmallion.

Now it’s possible that you mean that after reading what I wrote you feel as if we are kindred spirits. Can’t agree with or disagree if that’s true. Writing is an imperfect passion. As much as you or I hope to write the perfect words to express what we believe? There is alway the chance to be misunderstood. I’d have to know you before I could agree or disagree.

The only thing I know for sure is that the posts that you’ve read are incomplete. The words however are original. I am the author unless noted. I write fiction and poetry. Some essays on politics.

Please note.
This is 12 dogs and a blog.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don’t know which is which.
Never assume.

Thank you for asking, Taloolah.



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2 responses to “Dear 12dogs,

  1. My apologies to you if I sound like a stuck up snot. I don’t intend to be one.

    Hugs and peace.

    Where are you from? How in the world did you end up here at 12dogs?

    Welcome but LOL how and why?

    • taloolah1

      no that is not what you sound like,
      it is after all your blog, your domain.
      I am pleased that you responded because your words and descriptions of this fictional character, your taloolah, are very similar to me.

      Taloolah is my nickname, something i adopted at age 11 whence smoking weed with some school friends when i attended a allgirls catholic school, i was going through my rebel phase…something i still have parts of. I was dubbed this alias and since then (11 years down the track) have continued to write it in alleyways and toilets and sometimes less then respectful places when i have had a few too many and lose my boundaries.

      Hence why i googled it as i have been a bit of a tornado lately (my new nickname) and done a few silly tags in silly places so was searching the web to see if there were any haters.
      Alas i stumbled upon this (aptly named as i am a huge fan of dogs) blog and read your words in awe.

      As a fellow fan of folk and guitars and tears and despairs and nautical shanty vibes i couldn’t help but wonder if you had seen some of my posts on other social networking sites under the fictional character that is our taloolah/talooolah.

      Seems she is pretty worldwide.
      I am from new zealand.
      Where are you from?
      Sorry for the confusion..lets be friends 🙂

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