From Talooolah, who isn’t to my knowledge a literary device. Wheither or not she’s a metaphor?
Don’t know.

Her comment.
2010/06/26 at 3:01 pm | In reply to 12dogsblog.
no that is not what you sound like,
it is after all your blog, your domain.
I am pleased that you responded because your words and descriptions of this fictional character, your taloolah, are very similar to me.

Taloolah is my nickname, something i adopted at age 11 whence smoking weed with some school friends when i attended a allgirls catholic school, i was going through my rebel phase…something i still have parts of. I was dubbed this alias and since then (11 years down the track) have continued to write it in alleyways and toilets and sometimes less then respectful places when i have had a few too many and lose my boundaries.

Hence why i googled it as i have been a bit of a tornado lately (my new nickname) and done a few silly tags in silly places so was searching the web to see if there were any haters.
Alas i stumbled upon this (aptly named as i am a huge fan of dogs) blog and read your words in awe.

As a fellow fan of folk and guitars and tears and despairs and nautical shanty vibes i couldn’t help but wonder if you had seen some of my posts on other social networking sites under the fictional character that is our taloolah/talooolah.

Seems she is pretty worldwide.
I am from new zealand.
Where are you from?
Sorry for the confusion..lets be friends ”

My reply.


Can’t always get the comment moderating thing to work. Might have to communicate in this lopsided fashion. Do you mind?

First, Hello.

Would love to get to know you but must warn you that I might be boring. Most of my life has been spent in the rural deep south. I’ve been lucky to travel both here in the US and overseas. Never been to the Pacific Rim. Would love to but it’s out of my budget and too far for my boat to travel. I really do have a boat but it’s very small. A day sailer. Plus I have pups who aren’t interested in becoming boat dogs. Would have to find them a (temporary) home before I could sail to such a faraway place as NZ. Maybe someday.

I don’t think that we’ve ever crossed paths. I have chatted with two people who were nicknamed Taloolah. Neither lived in NZ or Austrailian. The good news is that they were both well liked. So you’re nick is safe. Perhaps the similarities are the fault of cosmic coincidence or maybe Carl Jung.

Well that’s a start. I won’t hold you to your query about us being friends. As I said, you might find me boring. Then maybe not. I’ve had online friends who were very much different. We seemed to get along okay. Let’s give it time. See what happens.

So what is your life like in NZ. Here it’s in the middle of summer so we’re trying to stay cool. It’s a rural area so folks are busy harvesting and bailing hay. The peaches and blue berries are coming in now. So are the — lol I”m sorry. Sounds like I’m giving you the farm to market report. Let’s just say that life here is hot and consumed with vegetation. And maybe politics too. And the BP oil spill. Meanwhile I’m keeping my head down and trying to write.

LOL See. Told you. Boring. I’m thinking that’s why I love to write. Keeps my imagination out of trouble yet busy.

I hope that you’ll also understand if I’m not so quick to tell details of my life here at the farm. I will tell you that I’m not a criminal or anything. Not to worry.





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5 responses to “Talooolah

  1. Give me a few days to reply. Not ignoring you.


  2. Oh heck.

    Do you believe in dream time?

    I do go walkabout from time to time. I kid about it with someone I’ve known for a very long time (as in many, many, many years). When we’ve had enough of the “civilized world” we talk about going walkabout.
    Then we do.
    Go walkabout.

    It’s a lovely thing.

    Maybe we know each other from some “dreamtime” ?

    Does that make any sense to you?

    LOL I maybe a writer but sometimes words do fail.

    (I’m not making fun of a cultural thing here. We really do this…)

  3. Will be just my luck that you don’t read the comments.

    Or that you’ll think I’m mad.

    Or “mad”.


    Hope not.

  4. talooolah

    I checked a couple of days ago and there was no reply and I thought, shit! Have i let my words get the better of me again?

    But alas! Here we are.
    I think you far from boring thats why i chose to write to you in the first place.

    Tis lucky that you have the sun shining there right now. It’s a dismal sight out the windows this eve, clouds and rain and such. I should make a fire but i cannot be fucked. So a heater shall suffice. How eco of me.

    That is nice that you have a boat (small that it may be) I was just thinking the other day that I would like to build a little boat, maybe one day when I have some time.

    Actually I just quit my job so all i have is time! I’m trying the freelance vibes….and exciting as that may be physically and mentally it’s not doing much in the way of money…but i’m a great hustler hahaha. I have good friends and great family so I’m surviving.

    New Zealand really is a beautiful country if you do ever get the budget required to come here I would highly recommend it, we are a modest bunch here. It’s all we know. Were pretty green and we share and share alike, were pretty approachable.

    Nice to know you are not a criminal, neither am I, I have a rebellious streak but she only comes out in the best of times and in the form of taloolah.

    I am settling with the winter weather, under blankets is my location and finding patience to read and watch movies again is my mission, slowly but surely.

    Tell me some more about your writing, what is your new blog address? How are the pups? I’ve been very clucky of late, but am still young so will wait but maybe i will buy a puppy instead, i have 2 dogs already but theres room for one more!

    I have to go and clean my room now so i can try and watch some movies in bed!

    I’m enjoying this little back n forth

    Have fun in the sun!


  5. Hello T,

    Yup. If you’re used to being active in the hot weather, the wintery weather can be like walking through molassas.


    I always want to hibernate in the cold of winter. Lucky for us we don’t have terrible cold or snow. Would just stay inside and drink hot chocolate otherwise. Read books. Watch movies. Not much energy for writing. Sleeping. Our weather is different. We’ve been outside in shorts at the end of January (our winter period). This is lucky. I have relatives up north who’ve been snowed in starting in October (our fall) and haven’t seen the ground until May. Have heard weather reports of 30 below zero in parts of the northern US. Really cold. Having always lived in the Deep South, it’s difficult for me to understand that type of cold weather. Of course it’s also difficult for folks in other parts of the country to understand our humidity and very high temperature summers (the dog days).

    LOL Didn’t intend to talk about the weather it’s just so with us right now.

    I have met folks from New Zealand who’ve described the two islands. Your country sounds so beautiful. Like Switzerland in the middle of the Pacific. There is much to do outside? Hiking and sailing sounded fun. It also sounds very green. You’re lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

    Now then. What are you doing as free lance work? How are you going about getting work? Are you a writer? If you are? There’s magazine work that you can do. You can submit work online (and wonder of wonders get paid). I’m not sure how it works for international writers but it’s worth a Google search. The worst that they could say is that you don’t qualify to write in their publication.

    It’s good that you have friends to help.

    As for my writing? Well you’ve read things on the blog but I’ve written part of a book that’s not printed here. I like to write daily. I’m happier when I write every day. Like walking, it’s a habit that once started becomes a joy. I really like the story and characters in the book I’ve been working on.


    It’s a strange process writing a book. Not like writing a poem or short story or a blog. When you write a book it’s a very long term investment in time and energy. There’s continuity to keep in mind. Character dynamics. There isn’t the quick gratification that comes from writing short stories. The process can make me a bit of a hermit which can be agrivating to family. I get cranky if things aren’t working or distracted when they do. It wasn’t until the other blog closed that I realized what a bear I can be. So I’ve wisely taken a bit of time to concentrate on family, the boat, and the farm with an eye to time management. I’m hoping that by October, it will be long daily stretches of writing without that nagging feeling that family, farm, and my own physical self are being neglected. Really looking forward to it.
    And I think that my family will be tired of me by then. They’ll be happy to see me typing away at the computer and out of in their daily lives.

    At this moment one of my family is loading the dishwasher so that I can have computer time. This was after I woke them up at 5am. LOL I’m glad to be writing you. They’ll leave me uninterupted. I can avoid the grunts about waking them up so early.
    (LOL I just asked them about it and the look on their face was so — uh — funny? They weren’t happy. Now it’s cooking and complaining that the name of the egg company sounds stupid. Why this matters? I dunno. Besides, Humpity Dumpty is just an coincidence and no reflection on the state of the egg shells. 😛 And whoo hoo the town up the road has a roller derby team ! Think I’ll go take photos and write about it.)

    I’m glad that you came back to visit. We’re in the middle of holiday here so might not be back in for a day or two.

    Going to finish breakfast.



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