Hannah Murphy’s Guide to Sane Living

Me too. 

“We” are in the process of finding and purchasing a washing machine. 

This should be a simple business transaction but it is not.  There are “umpteen”  different “conversations” related to the process.  There are  wash cycles and rinse cycles and Earth friendly laundry considerations. Then there are the consumer reports and the on line research.  The expense of the machine and the soul search of why the previous washing machine broke invades our dinner converstation..

Do we buy the cheap machine that we can take home today?

Or do we wait the 12 days that it will take to order the more expensive machine?

I’m not kidding.

This lovely 3 day weekend was spent looking for a washing machine.

I’m beginning to think a rock, a river bank, and clothes line in the snow would be easier.
All of this just gets up to what machine to buy.
After “we” find the machine,  there’s the negociations  trying to get the machine  to the house and of who will install the thing. when it gets there.

I’m just not that handy and to have it delivered out into the country means delivery fees and waiting  all day long for them to get there.

Meanwhile the laundry mountain grows and there’s the question of who get’s to do it and where.  The laundrymat has 15 dryers but only two work.
Enjoy the single life of laundry.  😀


Hannah Murphy’s Rules For  Sane Living
“The sane man or woman lives with their roomate and visits their  wife or husband inorder to keep the “love” alive”.  Your spouse may from Heaven but your roommate comes from necessity.  There is an element of business about the transaction.  You can throw them out or leave without a law firm and their mothers getting involved.

(True, there are the rare occassions involving small claims court or Judge Judy but  it’s nothing compare to the expectations marriage and who does the laundry.  )
Good luck with your adventure.   



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